A Beginners Guide To Clothing You Need For Skiing Mt Buller

The weather up in the mountains can be quite unpredictable. The moment you get out of the place where you are lodging, the sun is up, bright and shiny. A few minutes later, it’s a completely different story. As such, it is essential to be prepared for these sudden changes and have the right type of clothing before skiing Mount Buller. Your goal is to ensure that you are warm and comfy no matter what the conditions are up there.

Ideally, the type of clothing you should wear must provide warmth without impeding movement. Also, it is better to layer on clothes and accessories instead of opting for bulky wardrobe. Here are some of the specialised types of clothing you will be needing to have an enjoyable time skiing up the mountains.

Beanies or Hats

Studies have shown that 30% of body heat is lost through a person’s head. As such, it makes perfect sense to bring a hat, no matter what the weather condition is.

skiing helmets at skichute4Helmet

Helmets serve a dual purpose: to provide protection against injuries like bumps and falls and to give warmth. Whether you are buying, borrowing or renting one out, make sure that the helmet fits snugly on your head. Also, make sure that its face opening fits the goggles or other eyewear that you will be using.

Goggles and sunglasses

These eyewear pieces will provide protection for your eyes against the strong winds and against the ultraviolet rays which bounce off the snow.

Thermal bodysuit, pants and shirts

Aside from being your first layer of defence against the cold weather, these articles of clothing can help draw moisture away from your body towards your other clothing.

Ski jacket

In choosing a ski jacket, make sure that it can provide the warmth you need while at the same time being light and weather-proof. It’s a big plus if it has multiple pockets to help you carry other essential gear that you need.

ski pants at skichute4Ski pants

The same criteria apply to choosing ski pants. Just make sure that the cuffs are wide enough to accommodate your snowboard boots or skis.

Gloves and socks

For gloves make sure you choose a pair that is both warm and water resistant, there is nothing worse than having cold, wet hands all day. Gloves should have elastic around the wrist to prevent snow getting into them and try to get the best finger movement that you can without compromising on warmth and water resistance. As for socks, go for a pair of explorers or similar thick woollen socks, but make sure you wear them when fitting your boots

Now, you do not need to bring all of these clothing items with you. You can either hire your ski gear on the day or buy your own clothes and boots at Ski Chute 4. They provide a guarantee that all hire clothing is 10,000mm waterproof and 10,000mm breathable and have been treated with Nikwax Tech Wash/TX Direct.

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