Why hiring snow gear in Mansfield saves time …

Imagine you wake up, stretch, open your eyes and believe you are in a postcard. There may be views of sugar coated mountain peaks, glorious untracked snow, and cheerful skiers. Downhill skiers who take advantage of Mansfield ski hire will not start their holiday viewing the sights from the end of a long line skiers waiting for needed gear.

It makes sense that some skiers will outfit at a Mt. Buller ski hire but the truth is that you will save time and money in Mansfield. On location resort prices are traditionally higher for a couple of obvious reasons. Tourist rates and lack of alternatives keep prices high on the mountain.

Ski Chute 4 is a Mansfield ski hire specialist – a smart stop for ski and snowboard gear at reasonable prices. It’s easy to overlook the requirement to dress your vehicle in proper snow chains for the trip up the mountain, but by being equipped in Mansfield, you can be on your way to the resort with a boot load of gear and chains ready for your wheels when needed.

Getting kitted out in Mansfield has real benefits:

• The biggest difference is clear: You avoid arriving in the snow only to have to stand in lines to get the hire equipment you need. The smart decision is to arrive at the resort with all your gear, ready to take to the snow right away.
• Many travellers have tried unsuccessfully to avoid the requirement for wheel chains. This is a non-negotiable compliance matter when conditions dictate it. It is the responsibility of every two, four, and all-wheel drive vehicle owners to carry chains and to know when they are required.
There is nothing quite as frightful as losing traction on an invisible stretch of black ice or freezing snow. All vehicles will have an impact on breaking up road ice and the chains help crush it into pieces. Wheel chains make the mountain road safer for all drivers.
Mansfield ski hire personnel will provide the correct wheel chains for your vehicle or rental car. Staff members will give you a short lesson on how to use the chains properly. You may not be required to chain up the day you head up the hill but you may need them the next day.

The fastest route to fun in the snow is a stop at a quality Mansfield ski hire like Ski Chute 4. Affordable rates on equipment, chains that ensure your compliance with road rules, and arriving at Mt. Buller ready to party is great.

Don’t hesitate to visit Ski Chute 4 for any of your Mansfield ski hire equipment and other needs.

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