Mt. Buller Ski Hire – How To Choose The Gear To Rent

sequence_168_14Excited about your skiing holiday to Mt. Buller? Ski hire and the right clothing are among the most important things you need to consider before packing your things.

Ski hire is advantageous if you are going on holiday just for a few days. It is also a good option if you do not want the hassle of bringing your own gear from your home to the airport and to the ski resort and back again. Plus, it can be a lot cheaper compared to buying new gear. But with so many options available for skiers, how do you choose the right pair of skis?

We Can Help You Choose The Right Gear

While the staff of the business renting out skis can help you choose the right gear for you, having prior knowledge can make the whole endeavour easier and more convenient for you.

The needs of each skier vary according to his or her own ski levels. Accordingly, this dictates the type of skis he or she should rent. Typically, beginner’s skis are more flexible and easier to use as they are designed to help the skier go through short radius turns at a slower speed. On the other hand, skis for the intermediate-level skier are much stiffer. The reason for this is to provide stability to the skier as he or she makes longer radius turns at faster speeds.

Where And How You Ski Makes A Difference

Another factor you need to consider in choosing the right type of skis to rent is which pair is best suited for a particular terrain. On-piste skis are designed for making turns on the piste or the path leading down the mountain. Freestyle skis, on the other hand, are shorter and have tips that allow their users to ski backwards. Off-piste skis allow skiers to better handle powder snow. There are also hybrid models available that can be used both on- and off-piste.

ski-hireAs a rule of thumb, choose the skis appropriate to your skill level. If you are a beginner, choose the ones made for beginners as they are specifically designed to help you learn better. Skiers who may have previous experience should definitely try skis made for the intermediate and advanced levels so that they can progress more.

Getting the right pair of skis, along with wearing the right type of clothing for the sport and for the weather, is crucial to your enjoyment out on the slopes. Before you rent one out, make sure to try them on first if they fit you well.

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