2013 Australian Interschool Championships




Mt.Buller will host the 2013 Victorian and Australian Interschool SnowSport Championships.

Children from all over Australia who have qualified from there state Interschool Championship racing  will head to Mt.Buller on September the 4th – 8th to battle it out on the snow fields, and will find out who will be crowned the 2013 Australian Interschool Champion.

Alpine,Freestyle or snowboarding ,Give your child every chance of getting their personal best by hiring  Mt.Buller children’s Demo ski’s or Mt.Buller children’s demo snowboard.

The  Mt.Buller Children’s Demo equipment has top quality base material which allows the ski/board to hold wax for a longer period ,as well as being a lot harder than standard base material to make the ski/board to slide much quicker.

Get your child on this gear to give them the advantage over their opponents .

Call into Ski Chute Four in Mansfield on your way to Mt.Buller and check out our range of Mt.Buller Children Demo Ski’s and snowboard’s.

We also have a large range of waxes and tuning equipment for sale ,or we can tune and wax your gear for you.




Victorian Interschool Championship event Dates and location.

Cross Country  -Date to be announced .                         Location Mt.Buller

Alpine                – Sunday 8th-Sunday 25th August.     Location Mt.Buller

Freestyle            -Sunday 8th-Sunday 25th August.      Location Mt.Buller

Snowboard       -Sunday 8th-Sunday 25th August.      Location Mt.Buller

Australian Interschool Championship event Dates and location.

Cross Country -4th-8th September .                               Location Mt.Buller

Alpine              – 4th-8th September .                               Location Mt.Buller.

Freestyle         – 4th- 8th September .                               Location Mt.Buller.

Snowboard    -4th – 8th September .                               Location Mt.Buller.







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