Precision Tuning

Experience Wintersteiger Precision.

At Ski Chute 4 we offer state of the art Wintersteiger tuning equipment for enhancing your skis and Snowboard performance.

Don’t let poorly tuned equipment hold you back from skiing or snowboarding at your potential. As you ski or snowboard, ice and rocks scratch your base and edges. This slows your equipment and blunts the edges, which makes you slow and unable to edge efficiently.

It will improve your control and give your equipment a longer life.

Call into the Ski Chute 4 and we can assess your gear and what is needed to get them up to speed.

Drop your gear in on the way home and pick them up on the way back to the mountain!

Tuning Menu and Price List

Quick Tune

Sharpen Edges, Base Grind +Belt Wax



Full Tune

Edge/Base repair/Base Grind/infra red wax



Miyagi Tune

Edge/Base repair/Base Grind/Structure/infra red wax



Race Tune

Edge/Base repair/Base Grind/Structure/Race wax




Remove snowboard bindings for Full/Miyagi and Race tunes.
All tunes to be left over night.

Ski/Snowboard Tuning

How Structure works

The surface of the ski is like treads on a tire, ski bases need structure to reduce drag.

  • Your skis need to ride on a film of water produced from the friction of your base and edges cutting through the snow.
  • Pockets of air between the ski base and the snow means that water is repelled from the ski base reducing the braking effect (like a beer glass sliding on a bar -if you’re younger than 18, watch a cowboy movie- a flat-bottomed glass won’t slide as well as one with an air pocket).
  • In warm, wet snow the idea is to move the water away from the base and reduce suction.
  • In cold, dry snow the structure should be fine and shaped to hold water a little longer under your ski since so little is available under these conditions.

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